Well before we go and try to build a linux backdoor that uses portknocking written in c, might as well go look for some prior art first! Even though that sounds pretty fancy, there's a chance that someone else has done it before!

I like to think of myself as a real visionary, so I bet this has never been done before.

Okay. Well looks like this was done before, umm... back in 2000! Great year for hacking, I was 5. Alright so maybe I'm not the genius hacker I thought I was, cd00r.c has been kicking around for a while. Let's go look for more information on this.

(On the plus side, now I dont feel nearly as bad teaching you how to write malware if someone already released the source code 20 years ago)

This is a great resource and contains the code, but let's go find the original source..

Answer in the short response:

  1. What was the functionality of cd00r?
  2. Who wrote cd00r? Why?