Second Assignment

Learn a little bit about Bash! Bash is both the default shell that pops up when you open a shell (sometimes called "the terminal") in Linux AND is a programming language in itself. This is convenient because it is a one stop shop, but adds some complexity.

Open this man-page and write down the first three things you don't understand. (I don't expect you to make it past the Name, "bash - GNU Bourne-Again SHell", there is so much to unpack in just that).

Then Google one of them and figure out what it is. For the love of everything, don't read any further once you are done with that. Remember Rule 3 of the Hacker Attitude, "Boredom and Drudgery are evil."? f you're not getting anything out of something at any point in this course, don't do it, and leave us feedback that we are wasting your time. We mean that. You won't hurt our feelings.

For your second assignment, you will answer the following question:


1. What is the full name of the bash command?



This is meant to illustrate to you the complexity of "understanding" even something as seemingly straightforward as the name of a program. Write and answer the Pre-Questions that are required to understand your answer to the question that was asked. Only go one level deep into the rabbit hole, please.

Please respond in the appropriate format:







I greatly appreciate your feedback on how this works.