x86 Critical Information

Instruction sets change between architectures and assembly languages, but most of them are the same.

A good rule is to have the 10-20 most common memorized and then to look up the rare instructions as you go. To start off, use cheat sheets.

I'm a fan of this one but it is a bit long: http://www.jegerlehner.ch/intel/IntelCodeTable.pdf

This one is much more manageable for right now: https://imgv2-2-f.scribdassets.com/img/document/21143282/original/46f3e4e2ca/1607612475?v=1

Overall, nobody has all of these things memorized (the Intel reference documentation is literally 1000s of pages long), but you can focus on memorizing the most common things, and get good at looking things up in cheat sheets and the official docs when you need them.


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