Modern IDE

IDEs or Integrated Development Environments are tools with the ability to run and debug code, as well as write it. They often have deep integrations meant to make you more productive, like code completion and syntax highlighting.

Plenty of text editors, including vim and emacs, have functionality named "plugins". Plugins are software that can be added to existing tool to extend what they are able to do. For these text-editors, the plugins are used to add helpful tools that makes it easier to write code fast and well.

Note that vim and emacs are generally not considered to be IDEs. Some people care a lot about this differentiation. You shouldn't.

In order to turn vim into a mostly fully featured IDE, you can download something known as a .vimrc file. This dotfile, similar to the .bashrc you made in the last section, is used to configure vim on startup.

I am going to make one, but for now, this is pretty good.

Use the Awesome version for best effect. Remember, when you are installing this, you have to run a .sh script and generally trust the developer. I do because 24k people have starred this repository, but that doesn't really mean it's safe, just that it probably is.

For your assignment, install this vimrc and submit a screenshot of your nice beautiful IDE.