Second Assignment

We saw the wikipedia page for "man pages" in the last section, but hopefully you didn't read it (because I told you not to). You have to trust me on this, when I tell you not to read something, don't, it will truly be a waste of your time. We will work on it as we go.

Open this man-page and write down the first three things you don't understand.

Once you have found three things you don't understand: STOP READING! It will only hurt your head, and there is no need to go any further. Remember Rule 3 of the Hacker Attitude, "Boredom and Drudgery are evil."? If you're not getting anything out of something at any point in this course, don't do it, and leave us feedback that we are wasting your time. We mean that. You won't hurt my feelings.

The reason I had you write down the first few things you didn't understand is I want to make it clear to you how useless it would be right now for you to dive, unguided into the material. Reading a man page, with no direction and no firm base to start from is a waste of your time.

For your second assignment, you will answer the following question:


1. What is in Section 1 of man pages?



Please respond in the format from the last assignment I demoed. The point of this assignment, and the format I ask you to respond in, is to teach you the thought processes you need to ingrain, along with stopping you from trying to learn too much too quickly. Even better, in later sections it helps me figure out what you don't understand so I can modify the material for other students.

Write and answer the Pre-Questions that are required for you to understand your answer to the question that was asked. Only go one level deep into the rabbit hole, please, I have designed the course to only require one level deep max in order to confidently move forward.

1. (any questions you asked and had to solve in order to understand the question)


 1. (the actual answer to the question)

1.  (any helpful resources beyond what was given, especially if you had to google some of them)

1. (any questions you still have that did not get answered)

1. (any feedback on how the question was asked, the material, really anything)

I greatly appreciate your feedback on how this attempt at question and answer works for you, either in #feedback or the question response.