Github and Compile with Make

While often we lean on our package managers for installing new programs, every once in a while we will find ourselves forced to build a program from source.

This can seem very daunting, especially if you don't understand how compilation works.

The good news is... you don't have to! The vast majority of the time you can just look for a repository with good installation instructions (Specifically, a list of commands to run), download the repo, run the commands, and verify everything worked.

It's very daunting, but most of the time it will go smoothly... the author wouldn't have it on their Github if they didn't think it would work, right?

To demonstrate this idea of building a C program with make, follow the in this repo. Before cloning, ensure to "Fork" the repo into your own account so you can modify it.

Once you have cloned the repo, modify the function to print your name, commit your change, and then push the changes to your remote repo.

Submit a link to your commit as the assignment.