Objdump Tutorial

Alright you wrote the C. You compiled it multiple ways. You sort of know what Assembly is. Sort of.

Welcome to objdump.

objdump is a command line utility that is primarily used as a dissasembler to convert a binary into assembly. It will also tell us some information about addresses. Don't worry about that right now, we will learn about addressing and memory in the next section.

Work through this up until "Tracing a Program with gdb". https://github.com/adamaviv/si485h-f18/blob/master/units/unit_02.md

Again, you don't need to understand this. Just get through it. Don't slow down.


  • Submit text discussing anything that you struggled with and didn't understand, and what you did to overcome that problem. If you still don't understand, tell us what specifically you did not understand.