Vigenere Ciphers

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  1. What is a vigenere cipher? Why is it harder to solve than a Caesar cipher? Use the word "keyspace" in your answer.
  2. "cs rrmq sw y cxyxhybh tskcxipo ggzlcb xfkx gc iycc ry hcmvwzx zogyewc yj yvp rri qzeaow"
  3. "csrrmqswycxyxhybhtskcxipoggzlcbxfkxgclybhcbfcmescimpwnkgcc "
  4. "24hr5gBwyv4hrefnif34gApjDfRmei2iPD7V"
    • This text was encrypted with an alphabet of a-z,0-9 and has the string "1337" in the file
  5. Why is that last ciphertext so much harder for an automated solver?

Most flags in competitions for all challenges, not just crypto will be obfuscated in the same way to prevent someone from bruteforcing.

  1. "ms5yr 32e ud0s 5rdw1yq dg2e6 gnqdvrsobb dy7upnx, u81g k2b brz!"
    • This file was encrypted with a dictionary word. Use the dictionary solver.
  2. Why are wordlists useful for cracking ciphers?