Mechanisms of Attack

Now we can think about how you get attacked in those domains in terms of attack mechanisms as seen here. This is a crazy useful resource that will require its own section someday. Once again made by the Mitre folk, a Federally funded research and development center or FFRDC. FFRDCs are a private-public partnership who do research for the .gov/.mil. Mitre people are awesome.

List of Attack Mechanisms:

  • Collect and Analyze Information
  • Inject Unexpected Items
  • Engage in Deceptive Interactions
  • Manipulate Timing and State
  • Abuse Existing Functionality
  • Employ Probabilistic Techniques
  • Subvert Access Control
  • Manipulate Data Structures
  • Manipulate System Resources


For each attack mechanism, describe in two sentences what the thing being attacked is and how they generally work. This is going to take some research, but shouldn't take all that long. You can click to expand to learn more about each type of attack.