Password Manager

All is not lost however, luckily you do not have to memorize hundreds of high entropy passwords or carry them around in a locked diary. Password managers provide the ability to generate and store secure passwords across devices, all controlled by a single master password. This means you only need to know one password, and the rest can be pseudo-randomly generated.


  1. Read this:
  2. Submit a 2-3 sentence statement trying to convince my grandma to use a password manager.
  3. Relevant XKCD What password has 2^44 bits of entropy?
  4. Install LastPass
  5. Make your password for Lastpass something you have never used before. Now that everything will be stored in the same location, you need to protect your lastpass. Write this password down in a variety of places that you will not lose. Or just remember it. I recommend writing it down.
  6. Make a new gmail account with a good password.
  7. Setup your Lastpass to be recoverable through this email account only, not your usual account.
  8. Never use this new email for anything else ever again other than
  9. Complete the LastPass Security challenge