IP Protections

Hiding Your IP and Circumventing Censorship

So now we know we need to add something in between ourselves and the things we are trying to visit. There are a varieties of ways to do that, but the most important bit is that we are able to trust the hops we are using, because a malicious hop is almost as bad as no hop at all.

First, some vocab.

  1. Define all the vocab words.

Circumventing Proxies and Going Right to the Source

Remember honey tokens? Or just malware. That calls home real nice. There's also a fine line in the middle refered to by some as a "Network Investigative Tool" which is basically just a system profiler that calls home and deletes itself.

What Can Be Done with an IP

  • Identify general location
  • DDOS their router
  • Hack their Router
  • Court orders to ISPs
  • Threaten to give it to police so they can go get a court order