OPSEC is king

If someone has found you in real life, the game is over. There are all sorts of great technical approaches to protecting yourself we have gone over already, but technology only goes so far. There is always a log created digitally and if a motivated attacker wants you, they will get you technically. OPSEC is what keeps you off the radar, and if you are going to be on the radar, gives them a cold trail and a fake account to chase into the ground. If you follow these rules, you will do much better towards not getting arrested.

What is OPSEC?


  1. Submit what is the OPSEC Purple Dragon to laugh at some military heritage.
  2. Read This: http://blogsofwar.com/hacker-opsec-with-the-grugq/
  3. Read this: https://gizmodo.com/5901430/these-breasts-nailed-anonymous-hacker-in-fbi-case
  4. Give me the GPS coords for this picture: https://exposingtheinvisible.org/ckeditor_assets/pictures/32/content_example_ibiza.jpg .