Course Description

This is a course that will guide you down the path of developing your own implant in C (specifically Turla's Penguin) so that you can tell your friends, family, and coworkers that you are an APT. It also goes over the basics of malware analysis, shellcode, anti-detection techniques, and rootkits.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to help you get better at C and understand what goes into implant development and detection. It is written fairly tongue in cheek, and is not meant to be some sort of definitive guide, or even an above average guide. You have to do most of the work, I just help you along as you go.

What Qualifies Me to Teach This

As an important note, I am not qualified to write a course on this subject (or I would go to jail). I wrote an implant framework for fun once so I turned it into a course because I like teaching.


  1. Decent knowledge of C, Python, and Linux, comfortable writing larger programs
    • All the material in this course can be written in other languages like C++/C#/Go, I just won't be able to help as much.
  2. Able to confidently discuss and implement networking tasks
  3. Not be a criminal, nation-state hacker (for anyone outside of FVEY), or plan on being one anytime soon

This Site

If you are new to Hopper's Roppers, we are a free site run by one dude that delivers pretty high quality security training. We've only been around for a year but have made a difference in a lot of student's lives.

Our flagship course is Ropper's Computing Fundamentals, which is designed to give a beginner in the cyber security field the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the field. It teaches security fundamentals along with a strong technical foundation that students will build on for years to come.

I highly recommend you check that course out and send it to anyone you know who is looking to find a formalized path into this world.

If you have wound up here and don't know how to setup a network, write a script, or know how computers work, you should sign up here today. As cool as writing a rootkit sounds, there is so much more to learn that you'll have much more fun doing before this.

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