Let's Try: Advanced

Despite what the naysayers are naysaying, we can become an APT, but it's time to set some ground rules. Hopper's Roppers hates gatekeeping, but we need to hit some pretty high bars to get a name like Hopping Goat or Ropping Frog.

Sorry I don't make the rules, FireEye does.

In order to be deemed 'advanced', a strong knowledge of programming is required. We are going to have to develop our own toolset to even come close to hitting the minimum requirements to get a named group for ourselves. Otherwise the good threat intelligence folks won't be able to tell our malware apart from other threat actors, which would really hurt our brand.

To become officially not a script kiddie in the eyes of the HackForums crew, we must develop our own implants that are totally FUD (that's what high schoolers call 0/56 in VirusTotal) in C or C++. That's what they told me back in middle school and it still holds true today. Some things just are timeless.

A working knowledge of C is assumed. If you don't feel comfortable with C, you're not ready to be an APT yet.

Come back when you can write C. I recommend https://github.com/h0mbre/Learning-C/.

Last modified: Sunday, 29 November 2020, 3:20 PM