Checking In

Communication is key in life, whether that is talking to your friends, getting advice, or writing blog posts to share what you know.

Roppers is proud to have a Slack channel named #checkups, that is a dedicated space for people to talk about their journeys in life, whether that is educational, professional, or in their personal lives. You are more than welcome to use this channel to discuss mental health topics.

If you are just looking to say hello and introduce yourself, use the channel #helloworld.

If you just want to talk about something random, #random is perfect for that.

Everybody deserves to have a place to vent or to get advice, and we're happy to provide one. Let me know any questions or comments in feedback for this section, or check it out in our Slack at #checkups!

Last modified: Saturday, 19 June 2021, 1:51 PM