Course Layout

This self-guided course is designed to take around 100 hours and teach the most important things required to move on with your journey into computing and security. It is easy to get bogged down in details, but this course attempts to follow the most efficient path possible towards being able to accomplish whatever you need to do with Linux and programming.

The first section is all about 'Improving You' and focuses on the non-technical side of life. The second section is the 'Site Intro' and explains some of the site's philosophy. The 'Mindset' section is all about the thought patterns we need to succeed in this field. These sections are meant to get you into the right mental state for learning this material. These sections are intentionally repetitive. I don't just want you to believe me, I want you to remember why you are doing this when you run up against a challenge.

Finally, after learning the mindset, we get to what you joined this course for, 'Build a Lab and Learn Linux' where you will install a VM, learn the basics of Linux, and become very comfortable operating on the command line. You will also do your first CTF to demonstrate the skills you have picked up.

After we are comfortable with Linux we will learn 'Programming' with Python as our first language. This section takes you from zero to writing larger programs and using Github and modern development practices to solve real world problems. It will culminate in a challenging capstone that will leave you ready for most problems you will come across.

That's the end of our Fundamentals Course; from there you will be prepared for our follow on courses, depending on what you want to do next:

  • Introduction to Capture the Flags
  • Hardware and Operating Systems
  • Windows Fundamentals
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals

Thank you for joining us!

Jump Ahead

If you are here for technical material and want to jump right in, skip straight to 'Build a Lab and Learn Linux'. Personally, I think you're missing out on good stuff, but I'm not here to try to brainwash you if you don't feel like it, so just skip ahead. I promise it won't hurt my feelings.

Jump Ahead