Show What You Know

I talk a big game about all of this being about what you know and what you can do, but there is something I have to tell you.

If you do not prepare the way you present yourself, put yourself out there, and be willing to fail, or be ignored, or be turned down, you're never going to be able to put the skills and knowledge to work.

You have to be willing to enter the arena, especially if you are not feeling "ready" for it. You have learned (really taught yourself) VMs, Linux, how to build a website, and wrote some complicated Python programs. Every single thing in security and computing derives from these things. The next steps are harder to figure out, but hopefully the Roppers Roadmaps can assist.

Now, for the important stuff:

At the beginning of the class I told you that I will help you with your resume once you get this far, and I meant it. Go and update your resume with everything you have done in this course and make sure to add links to your git repos. Once you have it done and formatted, email it to me at with the Subj: Roppers Resume Review . When I can, I'll look it over and give you some feedback. I also strongly encourage you to turn a few assignments into blogposts, and do writeups on some of the programs you wrote and things you learned. Fill out that personal website to show that you are a professional and have the ability to do technical writing. As much as I wish it was all hacking, most jobs care about your reading and writing ability just as much.

If you want to, I can put you on the Roppers job board. It will be a place on our site that anyone can click to find some information about you and your resume. I won't be a middle man for that, but if you want to get yourself visibility, I'd love to help. I can also tweet and see if anyone in the network is looking to hire.

I'm here to educate you, but I'm really here to try and help you out. Now that you have gotten this far, let me know how.

Last modified: Saturday, 6 February 2021, 1:00 PM