Course Description

Some courses will teach you assembly so that you can write assembly. Some courses will teach you how malware behaves. Other courses will teach you how to RE malware so you can detect it. We don't do that here.

This course teaches the boring, painful, beautiful basics. Nothing more, nothing less.

Come with us on a magical adventure into memory, assembly, and being comfortable being uncomfortable. The course is in progress but has enough material you will be able to fake it as you go.


You must be able to write C so that isn't what slows you down, but you don't need to be able to do much beyond basic functions. I recommend this book these days if you don't know it at all: Effective C. Other than that, this should be accessible for anyone who wants to really beat themselves up.

This is a very difficult course, hopefully that is why you are here.

Course Dedication

This course is dedicated to my grandma who was a programmer at IBM back in the glory days and is super stoked that kids these days still write Assembler.