The Site

Hopper's Roppers

This site was originally created to help train new members of my CTF team. Once I got the curriculum to where I wanted it to be I shared it with the world. My goal is for this site to become the best place on the internet for a beginner to take their first steps into the field. I already think that it is, but my goal is for this to become the place that everyone is confident recommending as their go-to.

The site is named after Grace Hopper because she is my favorite person in computing history. You might have heard of her before, but if not, click here to learn about a pretty awesome person.


Improving You

I spent some time building a non-technical self-improvement section geared for tech folk at the beginning of our flagship course. I recommend you check out, probably most of it will be review but it can't hurt. Click Here to View


Join our channel at! We are a very welcoming and friendly community with about 1500 members.

If you want to, post a message in the channel #helloworld with a brief introduction to let the Roppers family know you joined. We use Slack for just about everything from helping with problems, submitting feedback, or just talking about random things.

  • For any questions about the material in this course, use the channel #course_security
  • If you have feedback about typos, incorrect info, or other parts of the experience, use #feedback
  • If you have any technical problems, use #techsupport



Follow @HoppersRoppers on twitter so we can follow you.


We have just started a Facebook Group for Roppers at Check us out and join our group there!


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