Course Description

Hey! I'm Dennis, the person behind Hopper's Roppers.

This is the Roppers Security Theory and Practice course. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only security theory course out there that attempts to teach practical application.

This course teaches theory, practice, examples, case studies... basically way more than you will want. I point you towards the best references and the best resources to learn by yourself going forward, along with always being available to answer your questions and help out in events. To be honest, there is a bunch of reading and writing in this course. Take good notes, pay attention, write well, and you will be better than 90% of the cyber think-tankers and reporters out there.

It doesn't really have a place in the roadmap I use to guide students towards the best resources available. It is the only non-technical course on the site, but I promise, it's 1000x more technical than any other security theory course out there.


You have to be okay doing a bunch of reading and writing and not think this is going to teach you to be a hacker. This will teach you to be able to talk and write about hacking, which in my opinion is like, 1000x harder.

Welcome to the show!

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