Course Description

Hey! I'm Dennis, the person behind Hopper's Roppers.

This is the Roppers Security Theory and Practice course. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the only security theory course out there that focuses on practical application.

This course will teach students about risk, threat modeling, and how they can defend themselves and others online. This course is somewhat unique as I don't talk about "hacking" until the very end because all things considered, hackers do not present the greatest risk to the average person. We start by securing our physical presence and devices, move to passwords and authentication, learn just enough about network security, then finally move on to hacking and malware and all the other things. This course is about teaching practical skills backed up by theory; not advanced persistent threats and fighting off malware.

It doesn't have an official place in the roadmap I use to guide students towards the best resources available, but it is an essential part of your development as a security professional.


Students who complete this course will receive a badge indicating that they can protect themselves and others from the threats online.

Example Badge



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