Course Description

Hey! I'm Dennis, the person behind Hopper's Roppers.

Welcome to the Roppers Web Course!

This course will teach you the base knowledge required to become a web expert and will guide you through a variety of web challenges. This is NOT a bug bounty course. It will teach you web things, but will not teach anything related to bug hunting methodology or report writing.

This course is on the CTF path on the roadmap I use to guide students towards the best resources available. It teaches basic attacks in the OWASP Top 10 along with a few others and helps build the mentality and skills required to succeed.


You are recommended to have done our CTF Fundamentals course before you start this one, but honestly isn't required.

Pre-requisites to be successful in this course is a decent base in programming, an understanding of Linux, and comfort around unfamiliar topics. If you feel you are lacking in these areas, check out our Computing Fundamentals course. I will get some flak for this, but you don't need to be a networking expert to do basic web stuff. It's definitely recommended, but you are attacking the applications, not the protocols themselves.

This course is designed to teach you a great deal about web, mostly through practical application. We will spend a little time going over the fundamentals, but most of the time will be wrapping our head around various classes of attack.

Again: THIS IS NOT A BUG BOUNTY COURSE. I will not teach anything about bug bounty in this, any similarities between material is entirely by accident.

Thanks for checking this out!

- Dennis Welcome to the show!

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