General Wellness

General Wellness

Alright, forget about computers for a second, you only get one body and there are some pretty straightforward things you can build into habits to help future you out. Your behavior is the sum of your habits. Do the hard things and take care of yourself.

Hydrate Constantly

  • My life motto is "Stay Happy and Stay Hydrated", and it is inscribed in my class ring... so yeah, I take hydration seriously
  • Trying to say how much water you should drink is too variable, you should be going to the bathroom every 2-4 hours
  • Caffeine and alcohol, and especially drinks like coffee and energy drinks dehydrate you
  • Hydration is slightly more complicated than water in/water out. Electrolytes are what actually provide hydration, so you basically can't go wrong adding extra electrolytes to your water. Pre-made powders are expensive, so you can make your own with 2-1 sugar/salt ratio and mix into water


  • Everyone loves bragging about being a badass and sleeping four hours a night for months on end... guess what? It's not just stupid, it's actively hurting you in a variety of ways. Plus it doesn't make anyone think you are cool
  • Sleep for seven or more hours a night if you can and basically everything improves


  • You and I know exactly what we are supposed to do, we just don't do it all the time
  • Don't worry about specific diets, if you avoid drinking your calories (beer, soda, sugary drinks, etc) and eating processed foods (cheetos, hot pockets, pizza etc) you will be fine
  • Cook your own food as much as possible, if only to be conscious of what you are putting in your body. Cooking is fun as hell and cheaper. Do it.
    • Instant ramen doesn't count (but is delicious, and not too bad for you if you throw eggs in


  • Not going to beat this one to death. Getting your heart rate elevated for a few minutes a day is good for you, full stop. Do it.
  • Much like what I said about learning new things, you must work deliberately to improve. Working out 3x a week will put future you in a much better place than if you don't do it at all.
  • If you want to learn about the benefits of short walks, this is a pretty solid article. I really like it because it does a great job of explaining the science and the study behind the results. As hackers, we care about methodology, and are always looking for people to "prove it".


Hackers are known for our neurodiversity, and our brains let us do amazing things, but sometimes they work in ways that don't always make the most sense to us and the people around us. Here are some resources to help understand what you or other people experience every day.

Mental Health

The more you know about these concerns and their symptoms, the better you can understand them. Additionally, everyone needs more general suicide prevention and depression training. It's not fun, but it is worth having all the resources you can. Read all of these. Help yourself or help your friends.

Visit this link for resources on how to find a therapy provider. A ton of my friends say therapy can be life changing.

If you are interested in more things like this there is a group named the Mental Health Hackers who are pretty cool and worth a look.


  • National Sexual Assault Hotline
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline
    • If you have any concerns that your internet activity may be monitored, call 800.799.SAFE (7233) for the National DV Hotline
    • For more information about internet safety in the context of DV, click here
  • Trans Lifeline

If you have recommendations for other links or improved resources, let me know at

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