... ROPpers

While there was a chance you guessed what Hopper's meant, it is very unlikely that you have had any idea what Roppers meant, mostly because it is a word I made up to describe a group of people who ROP. And if you have never heard of ROP, or Return Oriented Programming before.... that is not just okay, that is expected, because why on earth would you have known about that obscure hacking technique before this exact moment in time.

To quote Wikipedia, "Return-oriented programming (ROP) is a computer security exploit technique that allows an attacker to execute code in the presence of security defenses such as non-executable memory (W xor X technique) and code signing by chaining together carefully chosen machine instruction sequences to get control of the stack...blah blah blah"

Don't worry; none of that should have meant anything to you. That would have made zero sense to me when I was sitting where you are sitting. Two years into my journey, I would have understood about half of the words. Now I know what all the words mean, but I rely on my friends who know more than me if I need to do write my own.

While other sites that attempt to teach this material assume you already know a great deal of knowledge, we take a different approach to make learning the fundamentals as approachable as possible. For all of the great resources out there, and all of the incredible pieces of training, nothing walks a complete beginner all the way through the process of developing a strong foundation in the fundamentals. Everyone wants to learn how to do stuff, but very quickly they realize that there is no way for them to learn everything.

They're not wrong, the vast and constantly expanding body of knowledge about this field makes it impossible for anyone to keep up. But what is most important for the beginner to realize is that with the proper knowledge of the fundamentals and a firm grasp on the hacker mentality, that irrepressible drive to learn and to do, nothing is too complex for them to learn if they put the time in. By managing your high expectations of yourself, providing constant feedback on your progress, and bringing you into the community, Roppers is designed to provide the best first hundred hours of a cyber security education possible.

Last modified: Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 1:51 PM