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Our community guidelines are available here: I'll enforce them even if you didn't read them, so please read them over. Long story short, if you do anything that makes the community feel unsafe to any member, you will be banned. If you mention anything illegal, you will be banned. If you are an asshole, I'll call you an asshole, and then I'll ban you.

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Unsurprisingly, in this course you will learn some things that could be used to do bad things. You might not think they're bad things at the time, and they might seem like funny pranks, but the laws against hacking are very vague. If you have a security clearance or ever want one, having a pile of felonies you have to admit to is not a great look and will complicate your paperwork.

As mentioned up in the community guidelines, if you even remotely talk about conducting illegal activities in a hypothetical manner, I will ban you on the spot. Makes my life easier when I don't have to worry about nuance.

In the US, the law that surrounds this stuff is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Basically, all you need to know is that every computer or account is a protected computer and that it is a crime to intentionally access, deface, or modify a computer or account without authorization. Sometimes the words "exceed authorized access" are used, and that vagueness is intentional.

To stay on the safe side, only access computers and accounts you own, or have written consent to access. You're lucky, because we can help you find training boxes you can do whatever you want on. A lot of people don't, and that's where they get in trouble while trying to learn.

It should also be mentioned that copyright law is also a good way to get in trouble, not to mention that if you see software to pirate on the internet, it is very unlikely that it doesn't contain malware. Just don't steal things, we can almost always get a copy of whatever you want, it just might take some paperwork and some emails.


Absolutely nothing on this site is classified, in any way, whatsoever. Nothing is derived from classified information.

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