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Instant group messaging has been a cultural staple of the internet community since its inception, as it is truly one of the most important functions that global interconnectedness can serve.

Slack has become the messaging platform of choice, allowing group collaboration and real time chat along with various plug-ins and file hosting integration. We use it for many of feedback, support, as a forum, and as our primary instant messaging channel. At some point we might migrate to a self-hosted server, but for now, Slack is the easiest to work with.

Join our channel at and post a hello!

Choose a nickname, or what we call online, a "handle" for yourself. Don't worry about it too much, you will come up with something good eventually, and you are not stuck with whatever you start with. As a general rule, don't call yourself something like "Dark Shadow" (Unless you want to, in that case, do that). I probably had a dozen or so before settling on my current one, 'deveynull'. I like mine because it is a nerd joke (that will be explained about halfway through this course) and incorporates my last name.

Post a message in the channel #helloworld with a brief introduction to let the Roppers family know you joined. We use Slack for just about everything from helping on problems, submitting feedback, or just talking about random things.



Unsurprisingly, information security Twitter is a very exciting place. In the modern age, where information flows at the speed of light, Twitter is the place to be if you want to stay informed and on the cutting edge. It is an overwhelming amount of information, so you want to start off following only a few accounts. It is going to be a lot for you right now to actually try to read and understand the firehose, so start slow and with a small number of beginner-friendly follows that really only post news. If you don't want to do Twitter yet, skip it, tis a silly place.

If you decided you want to start wasting time on there, create a "professional" Twitter account! Remember, no matter how hard you try, this account will be able to be associated with you, even if you want to stay pseudo-anonymous. Always keep it fun and professional.

Follow @HoppersRoppers on twitter so we can follow you. Again, if you don't want to do Twitter yet, just skip it. It is mostly just a giant waste of time, but it is very interesting and you learn a ton.

If you want to, share that you started your journey with us on social media! This is called "growth hacking" by people who do marketing, and in theory it will help new students find Roppers. (No pressure at all, I wouldn't do it.)

Begin Editing a Post on Twitter!


We have just started a Facebook Group for Roppers at Check us out and join our group there!


We recently made a LinkedIn page! Follow us here and share with your connections!

Last modified: Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 1:52 PM