More Password Stuff

You Got Phished For Your Password

You can always get tricked with a good email or malicious link that leads you to a login page. Always, always, always, always look at the full URL. Green locks and any other bells and whistles won't help you. But.... there is always a small chance that your DNS is being hijacked and the URL is right, in which case your browser will tell you that the HTTPS key has changed. Long story short, use chrome, listen to your browser and think. It's happened to me, it might happen to you, just don't lose your email account, or your password manager.

There is more information on this you have already gotten.

Someone else got popped


  • Read this:
  • Sign up for haveIbeenpwned with all of your emails, especially older ones
  • See if anything has ever been leaked!?

Default Passwords

There are a lot of default passwords out there in the world. You can use them to get free wifi, but the bad guys can use them too.

Routers, Internet of Things devices, and web applications are common victims of default passwords. If you have the ability to change the password, change the password. If you don't change the defaults, you are begging to get added to a botnet, or worse.

If you ever install an application and it has a default password, change that shit.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 March 2020, 8:31 PM